Fungus Interactive
Interactive Kinetic Art 5.2001


Fungus Interactive is a representation of an ancient asian philosophy - the five elements: Fire, Metal, Water, Earth and Tree. People believed that the energy of nature circluates through these elements. I invented a very simple life-form, Fungus, having its own ecology based on the five elements philosophy.

The ecology of the life-form, Fungus, has three characteristics :

1) symbiosis & parasitism
Growth of Fungus corresponds to the characteristics of Tree element - the interplay of symbiosis and parasitism. The main stage of the movie and a mouse cursor touching Fungus work as 'symbiosis' factor, while the black circle moving around means 'parasitism' that hinders the growth.

2) spiral movement of growth
In the philosophy, growth of the lifeform can be described as 'spiral movement' which caused by interaction between 'symbiosis' and 'parasitism'. Fungus expresses it with its own behavior.

3) self duplication and succession of property
Same as the most life forms, Fungus duplicates itself and leave one's property to its children.

* Click the center circle to plant a Fungus.
* Touch heads of a Fungus with mouse cursor to make it grow.



(c) 2008 Tak Yeon Lee