Visual expression platform on the internet.    10.2007
@ olaworks.com, Korea

'oladay.com' is an internet platform for broad range of personal expression - it could be used as photo diary, short memo, review, blogging.

People can express their memories, plans, moods by using various tools in Canvas (a virtual stage for expression). While many other web-authoring platforms are aimed for producing static HTML documents with TABLE tags, Canvas provides much more freedom in editing things as if they're using Photoshop or Powerpoint.

Moreover, visitors to one's Canvas are also able to participate in making it richer and funnier with speech bubbles. Another novel feature of Canvas is its Mesh-up search engine using Yahoo! Image search API and Youtube API that enables adding instantly any image or movie they want.

During the first month of closed-alpha-test period, we witnessed that approximately 15% of participants (total 100) have enjoyed using the platform as their daily expression tools. At the very first moment, most participants felt awkward to show their talents of visual expression - one of them said "It feels like dancing naked on a stage.", however, after around 2 weeks most of them who still using it have succeeded in finding one's unique way of using it.



(c) 2008 Tak Yeon Lee