Post On Dimension
Groupware for design team (BSc. thesis). 10.2003


By the rapid growth of digital technology, the data space gradually imitates the shape of real world. But on the other hand, it represents the structural and conceptual aspects of the real world. In this point of view, WEB bbs which is the most popular communication tool in these days is suitable for general use. Each posting in WEB bbs is a short text-based article. And accumulated articles in specific board have linear structure and related to each other by hyperlinks. With these characteristics, WEB bbs has been composed contemporary communication style on Internet. But it is hard to convince that WEB bbs is ideal for every styles of communication.

[Interplay of physical and virtual space in design groupwork]

[Circulation of Abstraction and Concreteness along design process]


How can digital communication platform contain knowledge structure of certain design project? Through research process I came to conceive some properties of design project. With these properties, hierachical data structure similar with file system in computer was supposed to be appropriate. While file structure consists of folder and various type of file for internal computation, in Post on Dimension made up with room(like folder) and board(like certain file type) and articles(like data code in file) in each board. Thus the structure reflects base of computing, the naming and role of structure element reflects intrinsic structure in design communication.

There are three types of board - Card Table, Scribbling Board, Document Box.

In Card Table, user can create, arrange, scales each card to perform varous methods used in design process.

In Scribbling Board, image based on informal communication using article with scribble(to reference some part of image, express irrational gesture) can be used.

With Document Box every user share various type of file, similar to FTP(File Transfer Protocol) but more information can be stored.

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